Europe at War

The World at War 2005, 4rth Edition

The World at War is widely recognized as the best and most successful Axis and Allies TM variant available today. Over the years it has brought new life to the game by arming players with a much broader variety of strategies, special forces and options.

The World at War comes complete with over 200 plastic playing pieces, a new map, rules, and new set up charts. One of the key features of the game is the starting time and that France (also includes the Netherlands and Belgium) and China are now separate players.

Additional features include special troops such as paratroopers, marines, German SS and Russian guards. The present owner of Xeno Games liked this game so much, that he bought the company.

The 2005 edition addresses compatibility with Hasbro's latest and greatest Axis and Allies 2004 TM edition. Rules are updated, the pieces are recolored and the map included is a hardbound, thick cardboard folding map!

To preorder your copy just click the Order Form button on the left and fill out your order! The World at War 2005 will be shipping in early November.

Xeno also has a nifty Update Pack, made especially for folks that already own the World at War or Expansion for World at War and would like to save a few dollars upgrading to World at War 2005.

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