World at War Online

The World at War Online 2.0 is now available for pre-ordering!

When released the World at War Online 2.0 will allow World at War players to play anywhere in the world against anyone in the world across the internet!

- Never have trouble finding worthy opponents again
- Have the time to think out your turns and play to the best of your ability
- Find out just how good you really are by competing against the top WAW strategists worldwide!

WAW Online 2.0 includes:
- Your personal Account Security Key#
- World at War 2.0 Beta
- World at War 2.0 Official Release
- World at War 2.0 Upgrades/patches for 6 months
- World at War Server Services for free for 6 months (not required to play the game)

The system requirements for WAW Online are very basic. You need to have Windows 95/98/2000/2003 or XP (Mac is unavailable) and a monitor capable of 1024 by 768 resolution. That's it!

Map picture Link:
View Picture of WAW Online Map


US $39.95

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