World at War 2005

September 1rst, 1939. Hitler invades Poland, gambling that the Western powers will not go to war over it, and hoping to repeat his Munich success. He is wrong. Two days later Britain and France declare war on Germany, the start of the largest military struggle ever known to mankind, drawing all of the world's nations into it.

A seemingly unstoppable Germany sweeps across Europe with superior equipment, tactics and well trained troops, stunning the world with the speed at which country after country falls to the German onslaught. In the Pacific, Japan chooses this time to enter the war, launching a devastating attack against the U.S. Navy in Pearl Harbor, and sending its troops across all of Asia and the Pacific...

This is the World at War!


* The World at War has been widely recognized as the best unauthorized expansion for Axis and Allies TM for over 15 years.
* The World at War starts in 1938.
* Special events like the Fall of France and the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor are re-enacted and can produce different outcomes.
* Rules and special troops are included for units such as the German SS, Panzers, Tiger Tanks, Rockets, U.S. Marines, Kamikazis, Banzai attacks and others
* Technologies are expanded.
* Rules include special events such as the Fall of France and the assassination attempt on Hitler.
* The battle for the Atlantic takes on new dimensions with German submarines doing economic damage to Britain
* Strategic bombing is expanded to be truly strategic.
* etc.


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