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Europe at War 2nd Edition

This stand alone WW II game comes complete with over 290 plastic playing pieces.  Set entirely in Europe it faithfully recreates the enormity of the Russian Front and the Battle for the North Atlantic.

#00407                                 US $49.95

Russia at War

This expansion for Europe at War comes with additional playing pieces.  It shortens the game considerably since the game starts with the invasion of Russia rather than the 1939 invasion of Poland and uses play money.

#00407A                               US $29.95

Sushi-Jalapeņo War

Futuristic WW III game designed as an introductory game for beginner and younger players.  The premise is that Mexico is being attacked by Japan and her South American allies. The game comes complete with plastic playing pieces.

#00405                                 US $45.95

Last American Plastic Mini's

Futuristic playing pieces that can be used with virtually any futuristic board or miniatures game.

#00006                                 US $29.95

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