00001: The World at War 3rd Edition.

This A & A variant has expanded rules that actually start play in 1939.  It also includes rules for paratroopers, marines, Russian Guards,  SS Panzers, SS Panzer Grenadiers, Banzai attacks and much more.

The World at War comes with over 200 additional plastic pieces, that include French and Chinese units as well as new naval units.

Also, included are a new map and set up charts, so that you can start in 1939.

00002: The World at War Custom Map.

Designed for those that want more playing room than ever.  This 2 piece map when unfolded is nearly 3 feet by 4 feet.  That's nearly 12 square feet of playing area.

00004: Additional plastic playing pieces.

Extra playing pieces are available and are sold as a set.  This is the same seven color set, that is included in the World at War.  Some color variations may occur.


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