Xeno has a large inventory of interesting odds and ends from various game publishers at bargain prices. To see what is available, choose "View by Publisher" or "View by Game Type" on the left.

The Games: The games are in reasonably good condition, with some possible "warehouse wear" such as slightly dinged corners and such. Quantities of each game are limited and once sold out they will no longer be available.

Ordering: In order to cover fixed costs of processing orders, we prefer orders for a minimum of $35.00 or more (plus shipping). If there are some items you really want and you cannot make the minimum, we will make an exception for you and process your order anyway but please allow an extra week so that we can pick it and pack it along with other orders.

Shipping Costs: Shipping is expensive because the games are very cheap in comparison to their weight and unlike the games published by Xeno, Xeno cannot absorb half the shipping costs at these bargain prices. However, because shipping costs get cheaper the more you ship, you will notice that the per item shipping cost gets cheaper with every additional item ordered, so basically the more items you order, the less it costs to ship each one. Also, if the actual shipping costs we pay exceed the amount we charged you by more than 10%, we will refund you the difference (costs and item weights are estimated).

Large Orders: Large orders are appreciated! All orders over $125.00 (before shipping costs) will be given an additional 10% discount.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at xenogames@sympatico.ca

Happy bargain hunting!

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