Extra Parts

Lose some parts to one of our games? Dog got hungry and ate them? Not a problem! Below is a description of parts and pieces available for ordering. To order some of the parts and pieces described, just scroll down to the Ordering Table at the bottom and fill out what you would like to order.

Maps: 11.95 each. Maps are available for World at War, Europe at War and Hallowed Ground.

Extra Playing Pieces: 4.95 per "tree". Each "tree" contains a set of 8 infantry, 2 bombers, 3 fighters, 3 tanks, 3 transports, 1 aircraft carrier, 2 battleships, 6 cruisers, 3 submarines, 2 anti aircraft guns, 1 sub pen and 1 factory. The "trees" are available in a variety of different colors, please see the order listing further down the page for a list of available colors. The picture below shows a tree.

Plastic Chip Counters: 6.95 per bag of 100. The chips are 5/8ths of an inch in diameter(standard size). Each bag contains 85 white and 15 red chips.

Rulebooks: 6.95 per booklet. Available for World at War, Europe at War, Eastern Front and Pacific at War.

IPC Certificates: 6.95 per pack. Contains 15 to 30 notes each of 1s, 5s and 10s of play money.

Dice: set of 5 for 3.50 per set, 6 sided or 8 sided available.

Set up Charts: 7.95 per set. Available for World at War, Europe at War, Eastern Front and Pacific at War..

Area Control Markers: 4.95 per sheet. Available for World at War, Pacific at War and Europe at War. Each sheet is identical to the ones included in the games.

Boxes shown below: 4.95 per set of 5 boxes. They are 5 inches square, 1.5 inches deep, and are great for keeping pieces organized. Each player can have their own box. Made of white on both sides cardboard. Particularly useful if you own the newest version of A&A, which does not have separate styrofoam containers for each player's pieces.

Historical Playing Pieces set: 4.95 per tree, each tree includes a total of 50 infantry pieces. Trees can be ordered in either gray or blue. Each piece is about 1 inch long. The picture below shows a tree.

Ordering Table - fill out what you would like then click the Add Items to Cart button at the bottom:
areaEAWArea Markers Europe at War4.95
areaPAWArea Markers Pacific at War4.95
areaWAWArea Markers World at War4.95
chipsbag of 100 chips6.95
setupEFCharts Eastern Front7.95
setupEAWCharts Europe at War7.95
setupPAWCharts Pacific at War7.95
setupWAWCharts World at War7.95
Dice6Dice 6 sided(5)3.50
Dice8Dice set 8 sided(5)3.50
treehistblueHistorical blue tree4.95
treehistgrayHistorical Gray Tree4.95
MapEAWMap Europe at War11.95
MapHGMap Hallowed Ground11.95
IPCpackPack of IPCs6.95
ruleEFrulebook Eastern Front6.95
ruleEAWrulebook Europe at War6.95
rulePAWrulebook Pacific at War6.95
ruleWAWrulebook world at war6.95
treeblacktree black4.95
treebluetree blue4.95
treebronzetree bronze4.95
treebrowntree brown4.95
treeburgundytree burgundy4.95
treegraytree gray4.95
treegreentree green4.95
treeroyalbluetree royal blue4.95
treesummitgreentree summit green4.95
treetantree tan4.95
treeviscorangetree viscolor orange4.95
treewhitetree white4.95
treeyellowgoldtree yellow gold4.95
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