The Battle for the Atlantic!

Expansion for World at War:  The game shown in the snapshot above has the German player going all out against Britain; German U boats are all over the Atlantic, German bombers based in France have been pounding the British factory on Britain, and Germany controls nearly half of Africa!  Things aren't  looking good for Winston!


The Expansion for World at War takes the Battle for the Atlantic to new heights.  German submarines can patrol empty Atlantic sea zones and do direct economic IPC damage to the British player's economy.  The British player has to scramble to develop better submarine detection, while fending off German bombing raids and battling German forces in Africa... It sure can be a long few turns before the U.S. jumps in to help!

The U.S. can help the British soon; as of turn 3, despite not being at war with Germany, President Roosevelt orders U.S. ships in the Atlantic to "fire on sight" at any German Uboats, giving some help to the British war against the German Uboat menace in the Atlantic.  Acting under strict orders from Hitler, who desires to avoid war with the U.S., the German Uboats are forced to flee any U.S. ships attacking them without firing back, until Germany declares war on the U.S.

This is just a small part of the Expansion for the World at War!



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