Strategic Bombing Raids

Germany bombs Britain with bombers and a fighter escort

The Expansion for World at War brings new meaning to Strategic Bombing!  Strategic Bombing Raids (SBRs) can be used for conventional bombing (normal IPC damage bombing), or to target different parts of a factory complex, with the objective of crippling a factory's ability to produce certain units until the factory is repaired.

Strategic Bombing Raid (SBR) Force

Choosing how many bombers and fighters to put into an SBR Force for a bombing mission is very important.  Enemy fighters on the target area will surely try to destroy attacking bombers, while your escorting fighters will seek to destroy the defending fighters.  Surviving bombers will drop their bombs on chosen factory targets, hoping to do as much damage as possible!

Factory target Infantry Equipment:

Until repaired infantry equipment (and therefore infantry) cannot be placed on the factory area.  Infantry equipment is the most difficult factory unit production to stop, and the most easily repaired. 

Factory target Heavy Equipment:

Until repaired heavy equipment production is stopped, preventing the building of heavy gunnery and vehicles (AA guns and tanks).

Factory target Aircraft Construction:

Until repaired no aircraft may be built on the factory.

Factory target Fuel Dumps and Air Runways:

Greatly diminish the enemy's ability to resist future bombing raids.  A bombing raid which targets fuel dumps and air runways has the objective of reducing the area's ability to resist future bombing raids by damaging Fuel Dumps, Air Runways, Control Towers and other things needed for an effective air defense.  If not repaired defending fighters do not defend as well.  This is a great idea when trying to take out a heavily defended enemy complex over the course of two or more turns.

Factory target:  Shipping yards and ports:

Until repaired ships cannot be built on the factory.

Factory target:  AA Guns:

Bombers surviving enemy AA and Fighter defense may also choose to try to knock out an enemy AA Gun.  This can be very useful when a factory's ability to produce AA Guns (Heavy Equipment mentioned above) is damaged.


Destroying Factories

Continual pounding by bombers over the course of several turns will often cause damage faster than the defender's ability to repair it.  Once a factory has been too far damaged, it is destroyed and removed from play. 



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