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Welcome to Xeno Games, publisher of the World at War, the world's premiere unauthorized expansion for Axis and Allies!

Apr 23: The National World War II Museum in New Orleans will be hosting "Heat of Battle", a World War II convention. Anyone interested in obtaining more information about attending or hosting/playing a World at War game at the convention is invited to contact walt.burgoyne@ddaymuseum.org. The National World War II Museum's website can be found at http://www.nationalww2museum.org.

Feb 19th: Xeno continues to work on the World at War online. The beta version is 85%-90% complete and will be offered for testing purposes to everyone that pre-ordered their copy of World at War Online.

Dec 18th: Xeno has finished moving to our new location and the Xeno server and website are back up and running.

Oct 18th: The World at War Online 2.0 is moving forward steadily.  The 1.5 version is no longer being offered because the 2.0 version is expected to be released shortly.  

May 21rst: The World at War Online 2.0 status: To everyone that has ordered WAW Online and is waiting patiently, the programming team has roughly 100 medium sized programming tasks left to do for the beta version, and has been completing an average of one per day for the past several weeks. At this pace the beta version should be out in 3 more months. Thank you again for your patience and understanding, we're working hard on completing the WAW Online!

May 5th: By popular demand, the World at War 2005 rules have been published on the website. To view the rules simply click this link: World at War 2005 Rules. Gambling fans interested in playing fun slots that offered war themes which there are a few should check out this website that compares the best uk casinos to find a perfect option in which to try playing these games.